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Commonly used fiber models

Short description Twist (°) Rise (Å)
RNA (generic sequence: A, C, G, U)32.72.548
A-DNA (generic sequence: A, C, G, T)32.72.548
B-DNA (generic sequence: A, C, G, T)36.03.375
C-DNA (generic sequence: A, C, G, T)40.03.32
Pauling triplex model (generic sequence: A, C, G, T, U)105.03.40
poly(I) : poly(I) : poly(I) : poly(I)31.33.410

Full list of available fiber models 

Index Short description Twist (°) Rise (Å)
1A-DNA (calf thymus; generic sequence: A, C, G and T)32.72.548
2A-DNA poly d(ABr5U) : poly d(ABr5U)65.55.095
3A-DNA (calf thymus) poly d(A1T2C3G4G5A6A7T8G9G10T11)0.028.030
4B-DNA (calf thymus; generic sequence: A, C, G and T)36.03.375
5B-DNA poly d(CG) : poly d(CG)72.06.720
6B-DNA (calf thymus) poly d(C1C2C3C4C5) : poly d(G6G7G8G9G10)180.016.864
7C-DNA (calf thymus; generic sequence: A, C, G and T)38.63.310
8C-DNA poly d(GGT) : poly d(ACC)40.03.312
9C-DNA poly d(G1G2T3) : poly d(A4C5C6)120.09.937
10C-DNA poly d(AG) : poly d(CT)80.06.467
11C-DNA poly d(A1G2) : poly d(C3T4)80.06.467
12D-DNA poly d(AAT) : poly d(ATT)45.03.013
13D-DNA poly d(CI) : poly d(CI)90.06.125
14D-DNA poly d(A1T2A3T4A5T6) : poly d(A1T2A3T4A5T6)-90.018.500
15Z-DNA poly d(GC) : poly d(GC)-60.07.250
16Z-DNA poly d(As4T) : poly d(As4T)-51.47.571
17L-DNA (calf thymus) poly d(GC) : poly d(GC)0.010.200
18B'-DNA alpha poly d(A) : poly d(T) (H-DNA)36.03.230
19B'-DNA beta2 poly d(A) : poly d(T) (H-DNA beta)36.03.233
20A-RNA poly (A) : poly (U)32.72.812
21A'-RNA poly (I) : poly (C)30.03.000
22Hybrid poly (A) : poly d(T)32.72.560
23Hybrid poly d(G) : poly (C)32.02.780
24Hybrid poly d(I) : poly (C)36.03.130
25Hybrid poly d(A) : poly (U)32.73.060
2610-fold poly (X) : poly (X)36.03.010
2711-fold poly (X) : poly (X)32.72.518
28poly (s2U) : poly (s2U) (symmetric base-pair)32.72.596
29poly (s2U) : poly (s2U) (asymmetric base-pair)32.72.596
30poly d(C) : poly d(I) : poly d(C)32.73.160
31poly d(T) : poly d(A) : poly d(T)30.03.260
32poly (U) : poly (A) : poly(U) (11-fold)32.73.040
33poly (U) : poly (A) : poly(U) (12-fold)30.03.040
34poly (I) : poly (A) : poly(I)30.03.290
35poly(I) : poly(I) : poly(I) : poly(I)31.33.410
36poly (C) or poly (mC) or poly (eC)60.03.155
37B'-DNA beta2 poly d(A) : poly d(U)36.03.200
38B'-DNA beta1 poly d(A) : poly d(T)36.03.240
39B'-DNA beta2 poly d(AI) : poly d(CT)72.06.480
40B'-DNA beta1 poly d(AI) : poly d(CT)72.06.460
41B'-DNA poly d(AATT) : poly d(AATT)144.013.540
42poly(U) : poly d(A) : poly(U) [cf. #32]32.73.040
43Beta poly d(A) : poly d(U) [cf. #37]36.03.200
44poly d(A) : poly d(T) (Ca salt)36.03.233
45poly d(A) : poly d(T) (Na salt)36.03.233
46B-DNA (BI-type nucleotides; generic sequence: A, C, G and T)36.03.38
47C-DNA (BII-type nucleotides; generic sequence: A, C, G and T)40.03.32
48D(A)-DNA poly d(AT) : poly d(AT) (right-handed)87.86.02
49S-DNA poly d(CG) : poly d(CG) (C_BG_A, right-handed)60.07.20
50S-DNA poly d(GC) : poly d(GC) (C_AG_B, right-handed)60.07.20
51B*-DNA poly d(A) : poly d(T)31.63.22
52D(B)-DNA poly d(AT) : poly d(AT) [cf. #48]90.06.06
53C-DNA (generic sequence: A, C, G and T) (depreciated)-38.73.29
54A-DNA (generic sequence: A, C, G and T) [cf. #1]32.732.56
55B-DNA (generic sequence: A, C, G and T) [cf. #4]36.03.39
56Pauling triplex model (generic sequence: A, C, G, T, U)105.03.40